A Connecticut Resolution for Wind

With clean energy driving job growth, skilled workers are needed in fields like solar and wind. Education must prioritize preparing students for these roles, making diversity and inclusion essential skills for workforce development in the era of decarbonization….

Enrollment Decline in Connecticut State Colleges & Universities Is Not Inevitable: It Is a Policy Choice

CT Is Better Than OK: Progressive Policies Increase Life Expectancy

Green Jobs and Workforce Development

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Millionaires Pay to Stay: The Millionaire Tax Migration Myth

Despite frequent anecdotal statements to the contrary, there is no evidence of a tax-induced flight of high-income residents from Connecticut. Narratives in this regard are built on deeply flawed IRS data that should be disregarded in forming public policy. A study of the impact of the 1991 income tax showed that it may have only

Economic Precarity of Part-Time Instructors at Connecticut State Universities and Colleges

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